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Optibus helps the world’s leading transit providers better run mass-transportation through advanced optimization algorithms and artificial intelligence. Optibus provides a SaaS platform that plans and schedules the movements of every vehicle and driver, with detailed insight into how this affects operations, on-time performance and costs. Optibus has been chosen for more than 300 cities and drives some of the most complex and large-scale transit operations worldwide, helping improve quality of service and efficiency, reduce costs, streamline operations and reduce congestion and emissions.

The company has offices in San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv, and Düsseldorf.

Optibus is offered to planners and cities, mass transit operators and shuttle operators.

Proven Savings: In real life

Optibus shows the financial implications of each and every decision, reducing up to 15% of costs. Optibus models your transit network at the most granular level – generating a quality schedule and highlighting the business KPIs generated by planning and scheduling decisions.

Robust and Scalable

Optibus supports the world’s most complex transit operations: it can model any type of constraint, operational preference or regulatory requirement, across thousands of vehicles.

Data driven

With the strongest algorithms in the business and machine learning muscle, we turn your operation into a smart, data-driven business. We take real-time data (AVL, passenger count and more) and use it alongside our optimization algorithms. The result: a real plan that’s robust and based on the realities of your operation, and not a plan that only works on paper.

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