Top Tips for Entry Success


Detail your strategy for training, environmental initiatives and innovations over the last 12 months. Demonstrate innovation, uniqueness and a forward thinking approach.

Measures of success

How was the strategy executed and what made it work so well? What impact did your strategy have on the business? Clearly demonstrate success with solid accountable evidence.

The judges will be looking for:

Evidence of excellence in all aspects. For example, when asked to give good reasons why the entry is worthy of an accolade it is not sufficient to say that you are brilliant. It would be much better to provide proof in the form of facts and figures. It is therefore very important that the additional information supporting your nomination includes:

  • Evidence of strong commitment to training, including a description of its impact on the business
  • Evidence of outstanding environmental (green) initiatives, including measures of success
  • Evidence of innovations over the past 12 months that have made a real difference
  • Accounts for the last two years – i.e. Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets
  • Passenger growth figures
  • Improved reliability and/or other measurable changes in performance
  • VOSA/MOT/OCRS records

And, of course, it is essential that you confirm that the business has not been involved in a Public Inquiry in the past 12 months and that you undertake to inform the judges should it be called to a Public Inquiry between now and 31 October.

Best of luck!